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CAAB Taxon Code: 37 017000
Scientific Name: Triakidae - undifferentiated

CAAB category: 37 - Pisces - Fishes
Family: 37 017 Triakidae (Hound Sharks)    show full list

Standard Name: hound sharks
Suggested Indexable Form: sharks, hound
Common Names List:
Organism Type: a hound shark

Other names used in Australia:

Taxon Notes: This code is provided for use when identification of a specimen to family level is sufficient, or when no further detail is available.
Scientific Name Notes:
Common/Standard Name Notes:

Parent Codes (if any):
   37 990039 .. Order Carcharhiniformes - undifferentiated .. Ground Sharks

Child Codes (if any):
   37 017902 .. Furgaleus spp.
   37 017903 .. Galeorhinus spp.
   37 017904 .. Hemitriakis spp.
   37 017905 .. Hypogaleus spp.
   37 017906 .. Iago spp.
   37 017901 .. Mustelus spp. .. gummy shark

Previous Codes (if any):
  017000, 37 017900, 017900

Present stored country/region list: Australia, New Zealand

Taxon status (on CAAB list):
   Taxon on current Australian list: Yes
   Taxon on commercial species list: No
   Taxon on Standard Fish Names List: No

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