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CAAB Taxon Code: 37 070005
Scientific Name and Authority: Simenchelys parasitica Gill, 1879

CAAB category: 37 - Pisces - Fishes
Family: 37 070 Synaphobranchidae (Basketwork Eels)    show full list

Standard Name: Snubnose Eel
Suggested Indexable Form: Eel, Snubnose
Common Names List:
Organism Type: a basketwork eel

Other names used in Australia:

Taxon Notes:
Scientific Name Notes:
Common/Standard Name Notes:

Parent Codes (if any):
   37 070904 .. Simenchelys spp.

Child Codes (if any):

Previous Codes (if any):
  070005, 37 071001, 071001

Present stored country/region list: Australia, New Zealand

Taxon status (on CAAB list):
   Taxon on current Australian list: Yes
   Taxon on commercial species list: No
   Taxon on Standard Fish Names List: No

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