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CAAB Taxon Code: 37 353001
Scientific Name and Authority: Chrysophrys auratus (Forster, 1801)

CAAB category: 37 - Pisces - Fishes
Family: 37 353 Sparidae (Breams)    show full list

Standard Name: Snapper
Suggested Indexable Form: Snapper
Common Names List:
Standard (Commercial) Name(s): Snapper
Organism Type: a bream

Other names used in Australia: Sparus aurata; Pagrus auratus

Taxon Notes:
Scientific Name Notes: According to AFD online (accessed 24 Apr 2015), the generic placement of this species has been in dispute for many years. It was placed in genus Chrysophrys until Paulin (1990) regarded the genus as a synonym of the Atlantic genus Pagrus. Gomon (1994, 2008) continued to use Chrysophrys, while specialists on the group followed Paulin (Carpenter 2001). Molecular work (Day 2002; Orrelll et al. 2002; Orrell & Carpenter 2004; Chiba et al. 2009) has questioned the monophyly of the subfamilies and genera within the family, including Pagrus. Mitochondrial DNA suggested more similarity between Pagrus auratus and Evynnis from Japan and Argyrops. However, many of these studies have not agreed with morphological classifications based on dentition. Leis et al. provided evidence for recognising Chrysophrys as distinct from Pagrus. Dr. Yukio Iwatsuki of Miyazaki University in Japan is soon to publish information confirming that the two genera should be separate (Leis et al. 2014), with Pagrus confined to the Atlantic Ocean.
Common/Standard Name Notes:

Parent Codes (if any):
   37 353903 .. Chrysophrys spp. .. snappers

Child Codes (if any):

Previous Codes (if any):

Present stored country/region list: Australia, New Zealand

Taxon status (on CAAB list):
   Taxon on current Australian list: Yes
   Taxon on commercial species list: Yes
   Taxon on Standard Fish Names List: Yes

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