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About the Data Centre

The Data Centre at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Australia is a central assembly and management point for much of the Division's vessel-collected (ship) data collected over the past 25+ years, plus related datasets such as those collected via moored instrument arrays (moorings) in the Australasian region - see spatial coverage of Data Centre holdings for an overview of the data currently held. We also administer and maintain a range of data management systems and tools which include a central "Data Warehouse", accessed via a custom Data Trawler application; "MarLIN" (Marine Laboratories Information Network), the Divisional data directory (metadatabase), which contains descriptions of many of the Division's datasets (not just those held by the Data Centre); "CAAB" (Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota), a master species database which provides names and codes for some 25,000 marine species which occur in Australian waters; and the "C-squares" Concise Spatial Query and Representation System, used within data Centre applications and also accessible as a data indexing system and web mapping service to external users.

The Data Centre also curates marine datasets collected by the (former) Franklin and (current) Southern Surveyor National Facility research vessels, which are integrated with our Divisional holdings for the purpose of data description, curation, access, and dissemination. These data streams comprise the underway data suite, and CTD, Hydrology (water chemistry), and ADCP data, as available from National Facility research voyages from 1985 to current, including public access to all National Facility data that is more than 2 years old (younger datasets are available to the relevant Principal Investigators [PIs] only).

For internal services provided by the Data Centre to CMAR projects and staff, please visit the Data Centre page on the CMAR Intranet.

Web links

Finding Data
MarLIN - Divisional Data Directory
CAAB - Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota - master taxonomic database for Australian marine species
Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) - Australia-wide portal for marine data discovery and download [external link]
Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) - Australia-wide, multi-agency metadata search [external link]
CMAR Master voyage list (CMAR research vessels and the National Facility research vessel, also other data sources e.g. moorings etc.)
Shortcut to MarLIN click-on-a-map search interface for research vessel data
Previews of Spatial coverage of Data Centre holdings available via the Data Warehouse, as at April 2004
Other CMAR data sources
Other Australian (non CMAR) marine data sources

Accessing Data
Data Trawler - accessing the Divisional Data Warehouse content
Near Real-time Vessel Data - select, plot, or download from a variety of underway sensors on the Marine National Facility Research vessel "Southern Surveyor" in near real time
MarLIN - Divisional Data Directory (note: not all Data Centre data are currently accessible via Data Trawler, some exist as files linked to relevant MarLIN records)
Marine National Facility (MNF) Underway Data Archive - pre-zipped files of processed underway data from voyages of the "Southern Surveyor" MNF, from 2003
Data Format Documents and On-line Data Request form - use to submit data requests which cannot be dealt with on a self-serve basis.

Other Data Centre Resources
C-squares - Concise Spatial Query and Representation System
Data Centre compilation of historic Divisional publications - date range 1938-1997 (for more recent publications, consult current CMAR Library databases via link at left)
Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera (IRMNG) - searchable database of over 440,000 genus names, and 1.4 million species at this time, both marine and nonmarine, extant and fossil
Data Centre biodiversity resources page (formerly "taxonomic resources") - newly updated, 2009
Collation point for Data Centre documents available for public access
Data Centre page for JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study) data

Data Processing Resources
List of data processing-related documents available via the Data Centre site

Resources for CMAR staff
Refer to Data Centre page on CMAR Intranet


Other Sources of CMAR data (outside the Data Centre)

Data Centre Collaborations - not covered above



Data Centre Manager:
Dr. Tony Rees, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research,
GPO Box 1538, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia
Phone: 0362 325318

Data Librarian:
Ms. Jeanette O'Sullivan, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research,
GPO Box 1538, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia
Phone: 0362 325391

Please address email data requests to our online data requests service: [Email], or you can use this Data Requests Form.

Updated: 6/11/2013