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Welcome to the INSTANT Web site!

INSTANT is an acronym for the 'International Nusantara Stratification And Transport' program.

The aim of INSTANT is to directly measure the leakage of warm and fresh waters from
the western equatorial Pacific into the South Indian Ocean via the Indonesian passages.
The size and depth distribution of this Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) has not been well
determined, and this has lead to ambiguity of the mean and variability of the ITF. The
INSTANT project will consist of a 3-year deployment of in situ velocity, temperature and
salinity data from the sea-floor to the surface in the major inflow and outflow straits that
make up the Indonesian choke point. The array is designed to measure the mass, heat and
freshwater transports that flow into and out of the Indonesian Seas.

Five nations are participating in INSTANT: Indonesia, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia.
The Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries is sponsoring the Indonesian

For more information on INSTANT, download the following EOS article.


Makassar ADCP data now available!  On the 15-Mar-2011, the Makassar ADCP data was made available.

Transport values now available! On the 11-Mar-2011, the transports calculated by Sprintall, Wijffels, Molcard, Jaya (2008) were made available.

You can access these via the Data page.


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