CARS2009 V1.0

Released mid 2009. First global CARS version, T and S only available.


  • Some deep data voids could not be mapped but were infilled so that a value was present at every point in the oceans. In a few such locations, notably at the bottom of the Mediterranean, this lateral infilling used values from other ocean basins. This gap-filling also was based in gaps in the mean field, so extra gaps in the seasonal harmonics were not always filled.
  • Subsurface salinities are absent or very poorly gapfilled in the Baltic and Gulf of Bothnia because the published neutral density routine produces wrong (-ve) results there, and we previously reject all data associated with -ve gamma.
  • Subsurface seasonal cycle inflated off NW Shelf of W Australia due to data from voyages targetting internal waves.

Other notes:

  • The Goodenough Basin on the SE tip of Papua New Guinea is isolated from the surrounding seas below a set of shallow sills. CARS successfully represents the unique water properties within this basin. However gridpoints in shallow waters between this and the deep ocean are infilled so that the user may interpolate between. The infilled points are influenced by the two disparate water bodies and hence are representative of neither. If these gridpoints are taen to represent a point on the edge of surrounding oceanic waters, then geostrophic calculations will be seriously in error.

CARS2009 V1.1

Released 12 July 2010. Corrections:

  • Repaired most of the V1.0 bad deep-gap lateral infilling, by using vertical projection schemes in isolated basins. Also independantly filled the mean and seasonal harmonic fields to fill extra gaps in the latter.
  • As well as repairing the effects of some bad data and poor gapfilling in the region of Goodenough Bay in the SE of PNG, some of the shallow gridpoints between enclosed waters and the surrounding ocean have been overwritten by their nearest oceanic neighbours. This will reduce artifacts in computed geostrophic fields.
  • Rescreened data in Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic, so recover salinity data, and remap those water bodies.
  • Subsurface seasonal cycle inflated off NW Shelf of W Australia due to data from voyages targetting internal waves. The data is real but highly anomolous for the wider area, and contaminates surrounding values. It was excised and the region remapped.

Future Versions

Global nutrient CARS to be released in mid 2011

New correct isopycnal mapping (McDougall/Barker 2010 method) to be released in 2011?


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